Our pharmacy is customized to serve your facility

GENERATION PHARMACY GROUP provides long-term care facilities the ability to experience a seamless integration with their pharmacy.  This ideal pharmacy solution is offered locally, nationwide.

Our team of professionals diligently oversee each phase of implementation—as well as the ongoing management of day-to-day business administrative operations. Our seamless transition allows your facility to immediately begin reaping the benefits of:

•   A long-term care pharmacy solution customized to serve your residents.
•   Personalized service and direct access to your pharmacist—24/7/365.
•   Cost-savings—through group purchasing power and medication management.

Our service and support includes:

•   All data entry, software implementation and maintenance.
•   Review of resident's data and requirements along with our complete understanding of Medicare.
•   Customization of forms, reports, work-flow and delivery schedules.
•   Policies and procedures documentation and training.
•   Financial overview, accounting, billing, tracking and reporting.

Our job is to manage how the pharmacy serves and affects your facility—so you can rest assured and remain completely focused on serving your residents.