Our service is maintained through connectivity.

YOU'RE ALWAYS CONNECTED.  At Generation Pharmacy our high level of service is maintained through the sharing of information. Improved pharmacy-facility connectivity saves time, increases efficiency and improves accuracy.

We use enterprise-level software to provide a comprehensive, customized pharmacy dedicated to helping you achieve all of your patient safety, regulatory, and operational goals. Our system features a powerful, yet easy-to-use portal that provides pharmacy-facility connectivity, enabling web access to pharmacy information right form your nurses' station. Your facility has the flexibility to customize the pharmacy set-up according to your specific needs and desired work-flow. Key software features include:


•   Patient profiles and clinical information are available online—anywhere, anytime!
•   All information access through the software portal is always up-to-date (in real-time).
•   Online orders and refills go directly into the pharmacy queue, eliminating fax requests.


•   Custom labels, forms and reports are available online—anywhere, anytime!
•   You can choose from flexible dose dispensing cycles (7, 14, 28, 30 day).
•   Software is compatible with all eMAR—so you can use the eMAR of your choice.


•   Automatic alert for drug-to-drug interaction and dose cross-checking.
•   Automatic billing of the correct insurance party, for the correct drug—every time!
•   Sophisticated work-flow management ensures everything is triple checked for accuracy.